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ABB Building Edge capacity

Capacity of your Building Edge Control

ABB Abilityᵀᴹ Building Ecosystem open Building Operating System Smart buildings Unified architecture hardware software Learn More

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BE Space Efficient with Meeting Rooms

The simplest way to optimize your space

ABB Ability™ Building Ecosystem BE sustainable Meeting Rooms open and scalable digital platform building occupancy needs building space Learn More

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Flow Computer and Measurement Data Management Software

eXLent (eXLerate Enterprise edition), Spirit IT's new software platform, is based on our successful eXLerate product. Where eXlerate is made for the the control and supervision of individual installations, eXLent targets the overall management of metering systems and measurement data on a corporate level. Learn More

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Flow Computing for Oil and Gas

Hardware Independent Flow Computing Solution

Spirit IT is a pioneer in the concept of Virtual Flow Computing (VFC). A VFC can be considered as a flow computer that runs on a server computer and that supports an unlimited number of streams. Learn More

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Collaborative Operations for Marine

Connect the ship’s crew with their departments in the office

Our digital solutions connect the ship’s crew with their technical and nautical departments in the office, and ABB as the supplier of mission-critical systems. The driving force behind these solutions are operators at sea and ashore who want to work by using latest digital and cost effective technologies. Learn More

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ABB Ability™ Tekomar XPERT for fleet


This software for the marine industry diagnoses engine performance, detects deviations from ideal condition and quantifies potential fuel savings. Learn More

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Edgenius OPC UA Server

Share Operational Data

The OPC UA Server application enables third party on-premise systems to access data on the edge using OPC UA. Typical use cases can be an external HMI system for data visualization or an external historian storing data from the edge. Once downloaded to the edge, the OPC UA Server application exposes the entire information model on the edge as the OPC UA Server namespace. A client can subscribe to all available variables. The OPC UA Server supports OPC UA Data Access version 1.04, including OPC UA X.509 certificate for client and server authentication. An external OPC UA client can access all variables in the namespace post authentication. Learn More

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Condition Monitoring for HV Equipment

Basic Data Provider for advanced Asset Management Stategies.

Condition monitoring systems are a basic data provider for advanced asset management strategies, focusing on system reliability or risk. They allow consistently accessing the health status of your switchgear and thus can be used to increase maintenance efficiency. Learn More

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Control and Protection System for HVDC - MACH 3

Provides unequalled calculation capacity & intergration and handlig for all functions

The MACH control system provides unequalled calculation capacity and enables a high degree of integration and handling for all control and protection functions. Learn More

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Electrical Distribution Control System

Computing Platform that monitors electrical distibution systems.

The innovative cloud-computing platform that monitors, optimizes and controls electrical distribution systems. Learn More

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EV Infrastructure - Connected Services

Condition Monitoring for EV Charging Infrastructure.

ABB implements APIs to connect your added value systems. The APIs are fully based on customer’s needs. All ABB APIs have openly available specifications. Learn More

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Life Cycle Assessment for transformers

On-line monitoring solutions, to ensure reliable operating conditions

It provides state-of-the-art information on on-line monitoring solutions, maintenance and repair options to be used to ensure reliable operating conditions. Learn More

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