Data Logger for Ekip
Be aware about the complete evolution of faults.
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Data Logger for Ekip
ABB low-voltage circuit breakers offer a unique user experience from 160 to 6300 A. The cutting-edge Ekip architecture allows the full customization of moulded case circuit breakers and air circuit breakers. The Data Logger function unlocks a rapid analysis of your system faults. Get the instantaneous values of all the measurements.
Complete analysis of faults
Get information on faults, from the start to their complete elimination.
User friendly experience
Store and download instantaneous data about faults has never been so easy.
Portability of the solution
The data can be easily downloaded through Ekip Connect and transferred to any personal computer.
Edition & Pricing
Data Logger for Emax 2
$116.16 $352 Launch promotion
per one time
  • 1 User
Data Logger for XT5 and XT7
$176.3 $410 Launch promotion
per one time
  • 1 User
Record data about faults
Exploit the full potential of your Ekip Touch trip unit. Collect instantaneous and complete data about faults.
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