Collaborative Operations for Marine
Connect the ship’s crew with their departments in the office
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ABB Ability™ Collaborative Operations for Marine
Change the way of working between onshore technical teams and onboard technical staff. Introduce Operation Centers to facilitate more efficient use of advanced applications, structurize work environment to support data driven decisions. Increase fleet status awareness through customized dashboard. Utilise latest research in human factors to increase operator efficency through hardware and deisgn of operation centers to facility 24/7 work environments.
Fuel Cost Reduction
With our motion power production, power consumption, motion forecasting and voyage advisory software we have saved customers up to 5% in fuel cost.
More Time for Critical Operations
On a large ship like a cruise ship, removing routine tasks from the vessel, may allow the crew on board to use more time on critical operations and ensuring the safety.
Operations Monitoring
Monitors energy production and consumption and improve vessel motion forecasting in changing weather and loading conditions plus support with decision-making while operating in different weather conditions. Measure fuel and energy consumption.
Remote Diagnostics
With the new level of service, Service Level 3 RDS -Prediction, remote services are taken to the next level, adding predictive analytics algorithms and cloud technologies. We service our customers with failure prediction by delivering predictive analytics algorithms which are implemented both onboard the vessel and Cloud. With ever developing cloud technologies, we are able to provide highly advanced and embedded analytics on the collected data, whether it is at the equipment, system or fleet level. We have divided our services into three levels from which our customers can choose to best match their needs: RDS - Troubleshoot, RDS - Prevention, RDS - Prediction.
Fleet Intelligence
ABB’s Fleet Intelligence is a standardized and customizable maintenance management tool for usage within the ship-owners onshore operation center. It provides a holistic solution for asset vessel risk issues analysis and actions. The application runs on ABB’s industry proven Asset Health Center technology. Asset Health Center combines ABB’s industry and software expertise with Microsoft Cortana Intelligence and Azure cloud platform to provide actionable intelligence. The application uses predictive and prescriptive analytics, as well as customized models incorporating decades of industry expertise, to identify and prioritize emerging maintenance needs based on probability of failure and asset criticality.
Fleet Portal
ABB's Marine Fleet Portal allows easy access to all customer relevant information from ABB marine. Single sign on to a dashboard that provides a quick summary of key activities per vessel and fleet. It also allows interaction with ABB for all services that are included in the customer's agreement.
Advanced Analytics
ABB's Advanced Analytics services provides on demand analysis for energy, voyage, technical data and system condition reporting coming from our analytics team consisting out of hydrodynamic specialists, research engineers and data scientists.
Condition-Based Maintenance
Predict equipment failure modes and risks related to potential failures, advice when to perform maintenance actions based on actual equipment condition and performance monitoring. Integrate to Computerized Maintenance Manegement Systems (CMMS)
Operation Centers
Control room operators make hundreds of decisions - decisions that have a great impact on productivity, quality and safety. The more alert, stimulated and harmonious they are, the better decisions they make. The control center has a direct impact on safety and crisis response, up-time, production output and quality. Control center solutions from ABB are designed to optimize system efficiency and operational continuity. Our Operation Centers solutions include solutions for control rooms and control centers, collaboration, video walls and video conferencing, crisis management, situation awareness and fleet management.
24/7 Care
With our ABB AbilityTM Collaborative Operations Centers now open in Singapore, Norway, and USA, we cover the world with a 24/7 up-to-speed support for our customers and their vessels sailing. Altogether we have nine Collaboration Centers. The centers in Singapore, Norway and USA (FL) function as 24/7 centers while the centers in Italy, Finland, Netherlands and Shanghai provide detailed product expertise. Additional centers in USA (CA) and Sweden are for ports. We utilize the same data in all of the collaboration centers. This means we access the same databases, and we can support you from all of the locations. Our engineers have access to real time data to support and reduce the time to fix onboard issues, or fix the issues we notice even before happening. With ABB's 24/7 Care you have a single point of contact. You have one phone number which will be answered by our technical engineers on duty. Depending on the time, they could be sitting in Oslo, Miramar, or Singapore. We support all ABB marine related issues from these centers. What makes us different? Even though we have the 24/7 Care concept now up and running, it does not differentiate us enough on its own. ABB is one of the only, if not the only, system supplierthat provides the full value chain with their own factories for components. Being "One ABB" we have the direct connections, and because of that our customers have one point of contact for all support.We truly are a one stop shop, and we believe we both benefit of it. No matter if you need support for your drives, propulsion, automation, or any system on board. We service you from the bridge to the propeller, and everything in between. 3 tier services As our customers have different needs, we have designed different service levels to respond to these needs. Customer can choose from a more basic frame agreement type of service to service levels where we add on-line and pro-active services. As a customer, you can choose how you want to be served.
Cyber Security
Whether it’s a malicious attack or unintentional employee error, the impact of a security breach can be devastating. Data may be lost, systems and equipment damaged, production halted and people harmed. The cross-industry average cost of a cyber security breach in 2012 was $5.4 million per incident. Having a well-defined cyber security strategy can mitigate your risk of employee mistakes, system errors and targeted cyber attacks. With ABB Ability Cyber Security services, the integrity of the installation is regularly assessed, and the systems are updated to most up to date status.


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