Flow Computing for Oil and Gas
Hardware Independent Flow Computing Solution
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ABB Ability™ Flow Computing for Oil and Gas
Spirit IT is a pioneer in the concept of Virtual Flow Computing (VFC). A VFC can be considered as a flow computer that runs on a server computer and that supports an unlimited number of streams.
Supports Local and Remote Operation
The full operator interface is accessible from a web browser, so the flow computer can be accessed through various web-enabled devices.
Hazardous Area Operation
For use in unclassified, safe environment at controlled temperatures as well as hazardous areas that required metered flow monitoring, such as a LACT skid in a crude oil gathering station.
Cost-Effective Class 1 Division 2 flow computer solution
The Flow-X/V software runs on any Class 1 Division 2 rated embedded computer that runs the MS Windows operating system. All communication with remote I/O and other systems is Ethernet based.
Flow-X/V Software
The Flow-X/V software is exactly the same software as used by the Flow-X flow computer; offering exactly the same features and capabilities as our original Flow-X flow computers, such as reporting and web API.
Compare calculation standards
Compare the results of different calculation standards and find out what is appropriate for your application
Field-proven by more than 10000 flow computers
Calculations executed 20000 times per second, every second of the day.
The Flow-Xpert calculation library is used by the Flow-X, the most accurate flow computer on the market today.
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