Flow Computer and Measurement Data Management Software
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eXLent - Measurement Software
eXLent (eXLerate Enterprise edition), Spirit IT's new software platform, is based on our successful eXLerate product. Where eXlerate is made for the the control and supervision of individual installations, eXLent targets the overall management of metering systems and measurement data on a corporate level.
Fully Integrated Custody Transfer Solution
Have one product provide your solution instead of many partial product solutions.
Controlled Management of Flow Computer Module
Flow computer application template file, User displays, communication lists, calculations and report templates, Parameters and configuration settings, and User data (security files etc.)
Controlled Retrieval of Real-Time Flow Computer Generated Data
Real-time data (pressure, temperature, flow, gas composition etc.), Totalizers, Raw data archives, Reports, Audit trail, Alarm- and event logs, and Diagnostics and Performance monitoring data
Single source for all custody transfer data
No unauthorised data editing, no longer multiple copies
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