Mobile Gas Leak Detection System
Find Any Leak Fast
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Mobile Gas Leak Detection System
ABB’s new natural gas leak detection system (ABB Ability™ mobile gas leak detection system) directly addresses all of these challenges using patented cavity–enhanced laser–based technology.
Save Time
Begin finding leaks within 2 minutes after power on (competitive laser methods either require 30–45 minutes to warm up or are far less sensitive)
High Reliability
Measures both methane & ethane to eliminate false positives, a GPS, a sonic anemometer and proprietary leak detection software that presents real–time geospatial maps of multiple gas concentrations in real time.
Less Maintenance
Unlike other laser methods, ABB’s patented technology is far more robust and can be fully serviced anytime, anywhere, by anyone.
Cover More Area
A vehicle-based solution surveys 10–25x more area per hour than traditional methods. Can detect leaks while driving at a speed of up to 55 mph.
All Data owned by You
Sale of an entire system therefore all data is owned by the customer.
Parts-Per-Billion (PPB) Precision
New technology avoids the expense and vulnerability of a sub-nanometer opto-mechanical setup. This enables it to easily deliver parts-per-billion precision (or better) quickly and in an easy-to-use package.
Immediate Data Delivery
With 4G wireless technology, data is stored on the analyzer and in the cloud, and is immediately available to the customer
Intuitive Interface
With an easy-to-use, intuitive interface, the graphical display shows survey route, survey area, leak indications and whether it is pipeline gas or naturally occurring.
Worldwide Support and 2 Year Warranty
Worldwide Support and 2 Year Warranty
Most Robust Laser Available
The most rugged lasers available.
Sensing technology utilising telecommunications grade diode lasers, the most rugged lasers available.
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