System 800xA Performance Service
Improve the performance of control systems.
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ABB Ability™ Performance Optimization for Control Systems 800xA
ABB System 800xA Performance Service uses data collected during scheduled and on-demand analyses for comparison against best practices and standards to detect performance irregularities. This comparison quickly pinpoints issues, helping to improve system reliability, availability and performance.
Increases Control System Performance
Increases control system performance, availability and reliability by ensuring complex system setup configuration parameters are correct for optimal performance
Minimize Downtime
Minimizes the risk of system upsets through early detection of potential problems
Increase Labor and System Efficiency
Decreases the time and cost spent pinpointing system problems
Remote Assistance
Reduces response time and travel expenses by providing remote access to ABB experts for troubleshooting
Get Feedback from Experts
Biannual analysis by ABB experts to identify issues and recommend improvements.
Configurable Alerts
Configurable alerts (via email or SMS) when KPIs are outside set thresholds.
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