My Measurement Assistant
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Self-Service Web-App for ABB Instrumentation

My Measurement Assistant is the best way to get the right support on site. Accessible from your phone or web browser, you have access to guided tutorials and checklists. You will find commissioning & troubleshooting guidance, as well as downloadable reports on actions taken plus a catalogue of connected spare parts, with the option to request a quote.

Support is made easy with Remote Insights for service over the shoulder guidance and quick access to ABB contact and feedback function. The AutoID functionality enables you to reach additional information by scanning device QR Codes. In a few easy steps you can determine if your process is suitable for the award winning NINVA temperature sensor.

A new lifecycle management feature delivers on ABB’s commitment to sustainability. Find relevant disposal and recycling information for your ABB device.

My Measurement Assistant offers you support from purchase, commissioning, troubleshooting and disposal of your ABB devices.

Speed up your maintenance
Guided checklists with step-by-step video instructions for measurement & analytical devices
Easy access & navigation
Intuitive web-app optimized for use on Smartphones, tablets & PCs
24/7 Oonline access
Ability to download key checklists and videos for offline use (checklists & access to video downloads)
Feedback welcome
3 questions for making your experience and the app greater
ABB support
Find the correct support contact by country, product line and topic
Spare parts identification
Spare parts catalog and a possibility to request a quote
Error code identification
Translate error codes, understand problem severity and how to fix the issue (According to NAMUR standard)
Temperature performance estimation
Choose non invasive temperature eliminating thermowells and saving up to 75% CAPEX costs
Improved search functionality
Search for relevant product information in any section, and overall
End-of-life service
Sustainable lifecycle management made easy by finding recycling & safe disposal information
AutoID function​
Quick and easy way to find product information​
Edition & Pricing
Free Edition
  • 1 User
  • Guided checklists
  • Online/offline video tutorials
  • Downloadable reports
  • Error code identification according to NAMUR 107
  • Spare parts catalog
  • Temperature Performance Estimation
  • Access to ABB Experts
  • Over the shoulder support with Remote Insights
  • Recycling and disposal of end of life products
Information and support