Cyber Security for control systems
Security solutions for control systems to enhance reliability and minimize risk
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ABB Ability™ Cyber Security for Control Systems
ABB Ability™ Cyber Security for control systems includes a suite of solutions that are designed to secure our customers' control systems. Our services can be leveraged to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current security posture, remediate security gaps and maintain a strong security program to reduce the risk associated with cyber security events or attacks. ABB offers a combination of assessment and remediation services and solutions that can be leveraged on a periodic or continuous basis. The assessment services include ABB's Cyber Security Fingerprint while the remediation offerings include systems hardening, patch and antivirus deployment, and backup and restoration services.
Reduces Internal Labor
Less internal labor required to maintain and update system security by an estimated 24 hours per month.
Greater Visibility
Provides greater visibility to through automated security status reporting.
Minimizes Risk
Minimizes risk of potential operational impacts from manual application of an unapproved patch and of updates not being completed on a timely basis.
Suports International Standards and National Regulations
By adopting best practices for hardening, backup and patching.
Security Patch Management
Cyber Security Workplace provides a management console to easily deploy the ABB Security Patch Disc to the system on-site.
Anti-Virus Management
Deploys the updated Malware Definition Files to the system on-site .
Backup and Recovery
Configures and automates backup routines and schedules for the system on-site.
System Hardening Status and Deployment
Details the secured deployment of ABB Ability™ Symphony® Plus in terms of unused software,operating system services, and firewall settings.
Status Monitoring
Dashboards showing traffic light and details for each node. Detailed report for each node on user request.
Asset Inventory
Automatically and inherently identify cyber assets
ABB Cyber Security Asset Inventory automatically identifies cyber assets and captures updated inventory information on ports, services and software connected to the control networks. The solution enables users to make better operational, compliance and risk decisions related to cyber security controls, asset lifecycle and asset management.
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