OPTIMAX® for Virtual Power Plants
Aggregate decentralized energy resources
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OPTIMAX® for Virtual Power Plants
With OPTIMAX® for Virtual Power Plants, customers can reduce energy cost and site emissions by optimizing the aggregation and dispatch of distributed energy resources (DERs). OPTIMAX® for Virtual Power Plants, part of the ABB Ability™ Energy Management for sites suite, provides energy monitoring, enables the addition of new generation assets, and aggregates decentralized generation and flexible loads for energy providers. It is a scalable offering able to meet the requirements of a range of customers, from those that operate of multiple grid connected assets down to customers interested in optimizing a single industrial or retail site.
Aggregate any number of decentralized energy resources
OPTIMAX® helps our customers thrive given new opportunities presented by the bi-directional flow of energy and information. OPTIMAX® for Virtual Power Plants aggregates and optimizes decentralized energy resources into a virtual power plant. You can then advantageously buy or sell in wholesale energy markets or provide energy as a subscription service. Decentralized energy resources can range from dozens to many thousands of units, from microsites (kW) to utility scale (MW), and be spread over a large geographic area.
Reduce energy costs by 5% to 10%
OPTIMAX® for Industrials and Commercials enables industrial, commercial, island and other microgrids to cut their energy costs by 5% to 10% without impacting operations. The solution provides day-ahead optimization based on weather and load forecasts. It then coordinates your energy resources — in real time — to balance supply and demand using dynamic load shedding. With optimized supply and demand, industrial sites and microgrids can readily add low-cost but intermittent renewables without risk to grid reliability or stability. And when favorable pricing/production conditions exist, the sites and microgrids can even sell surplus energy production and capacity.
Improve Operational Flexibility
Suppliers, brokers and aggregators can optimize production and respond quickly and flexibly to changing power markets by operating internally as a virtual power plant.
Balance energy production
Vertically integrated municipal utilities and smart cities can balance energy production with consumption across all of their services (water, district heating, combined heat & power) using powerful day-ahead and intra-day planning based on weather and load forecasts.
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