Collaborative Operations for power generation and water
Objective data insights to increase profitability
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ABB Ability™ Collaborative Operations for power generation and water
ABB Ability Collaborative Operations empower leading power generation and water players to enable improved and more efficient operations and maintenance from digital solutions by collaborating with dedicated, co-located operations experts. Collaborative Operations delivers objective data insights that ultimately increase customers’ profitability, including extending machine lifecycles, reducing maintenance costs and optimizing machinery to improve uptime.
20% Extension of Machine Life
By using immediate and trend data insights to better manage equipment and asset utilization.
50% Reduction in Maintenance Costs
By using smart predictive methodologies, rather than reactive/routine maintenance scheduling
Deeper Visibility
Into equipment, plant, or fleet performance which enables customers to understand actual performance capability and operating boundaries
Continuous Monitoring of KPIs
Ensures that each plant is operating within regulatory, load, environmental and cyber security requirements.
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