Emission Monitoring for power generation
Economic, efficient and environmentally friendly combustion control
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ABB Ability™ Emission Monitoring for power generation
Emissions monitoring is a software application for real-time calculations, monitoring, and reporting emissions from thermal plants that optionally includes on-line data acquisition instruments (also known as Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems, CEMS). Provides standard reports according to regulatory emission standards. Thermal power plants owners can monitor emissions from the coal bin through the stack and many components in between. Combined cycle power plants owners can monitor emissions from the gas turbine and the stack including the generator.
Detailed Rate of Measurement
ABB’s measurement products portfolio includes a wide range of gas analyzers which can offer continuous rate measurement of individual key pollutants within the gaseous emissions from waste to energy plants.
Cost-Effective Solution
For OEM outlets with a quick return on end-user investment
Continuous on-line Measurement
At less than the price of a spot check portable instrument
Start-Up and Commissioning Services
Covers ABB’s flowmeters, pressure and temperature transmitters, level products, actuators and positioners, I/P transducers, controllers, recorders, water quality analyzers and gas analyzers
Repair Services
Both on site and/or at ABB’s workshops where required
Lifecycle Services
Full support throughout the product lifecycle, from pre-purchase through to upgrade and/or retrofit
Calibration Services
Both on-site or at factory. Covers ABB’s flowmeters, water quality analyzers, pressure and temperature transmitters, valve actuators and positioners, emissions monitoring systems, gas analyzers
Information and support
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