OPTIMAX® for Industrial & Commercial
Reduce energy costs by 5% to 10%
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OPTIMAX® for Industrial & Commercial
As power networks increasingly depend on renewables and distributed energy systems, controlling and optimizing those systems -- reliably and profitably -- is now a priority. With OPTIMAX®, customers can reduce energy cost and emissions by optimizing the collection and dispatch of distributed energy resources (DERs). OPTIMAX® for Industrials and Commercials provides day-ahead optimization based on weather and load forecasts. It then coordinates your energy resources — in real time — to balance supply and demand using dynamic load shedding.
Reduce energy costs and site emissions
Enables industrial and commercial sites to cut energy costs by 5-10% without impacting operations. Enables industrial and commercial sites to integrate more renewables and minimize use of costly, CO2-emitting fossil fuel without risking reliability or grid stability.
Increase reliability and stability
With optimized supply and demand, industrial sites and microgrids can readily add low-cost but intermittent renewables without risk to grid reliability or stability.
Balance production and consumption
Enables utilities and smart cities to balance production and consumption in multi-source systems (CHP, Water, HVAC) through day-ahead and intra-day planning).
Benefit from ancillary service revenues
When favorable pricing/production conditions exist, the sites and microgrids can even sell surplus energy production and capacity.
Monitor, Optimize, Integrate and Maximize
Optimize single sites; aggregate many sites Monitor and optimize local generation and demand; enable market trading flexibility. Integrate with aggregators’ and utilities’ trading and billing systems. Maximize generation consumption to reduce energy costs and minimize emissions.
Coordinate, Optimize, Enable
Optimize a single industrial or commercial site or, microgrid and actively participate in energy markets
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