Asset Health for control systems
Systematic diagnosis and analysis of your ABB control system
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ABB Ability™ Asset Health for control systems
ABB Ability™ Asset Health for control systems is a software-assisted service for systematic diagnosis and analysis of your ABB control system settings and conditions. Using non-invasive, state-of-the-art software tools, ABB Ability™ Asset Health for control systems automatically collects data and compares system performance, configuration and lifecycle parameters to ABB requirements for optimum operations. It then delivers actionable analytics and detailed recommendations for maintaining optimum control system performance to users.
Performance Optimization +30 to +50%
Advanced Services discover deviations from defined benchmark with impact on the performance of the plant operation. Unavailability of system functions can be reduced. Poor performance (like response time) can be improved Strange system behavior can be eliminated
Cost Reduction and Efficiency Improvement
Experience shows that Advanced Services lower overall expenditure on maintenance and upkeep. Optimal utilization of maintenance services. Unplanned downtime can be reduced.
Risk Reduction
Advanced Services make sure that production will go on with minimum interruption and minimum risk to operation. Increased reliability about 2 of 3 incidents could be avoided.
Lifecycle Management
How to upgrade or evolve the system as efficient as possible while keeping the investments in application and assets.
24/7 Support
24/7 forum for customers and ABB personnel to collaborate with the community to ask questions, find answers and share applications. 24/7 service portal for customers and ABB personnel with single point of online access to information, contacts and services such as Advanced Digital Services relevant for ABB control systems.
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