Performance Optimization for control loops
Identify and corrects loop performance issues
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ABB Ability™ Performance Optimization for control loops
The control loops solution increases visibility into control system performance by quickly diagnosing disruptive loop tuning issues and predicting potential process disruption. The solution combines domain expertise and advanced algorithms to report customer-specific KPIs that improve control system maintenance planning.
Lower Costs and Response Time
Lowers maintenance, raw material and energy costs with quick identification of process errors or trends. Reduces response time and travel expenses by providing remote access to ABB experts for troubleshooting.
Accelerate Problem Solving and Increase Availability
Accelerates problem solving through 24/7 visualization and analysis of control loops. Increases availability and utilization through reduced process variability.
Improve Quality
Establishes a solid foundation for continuous improvement, including higher availability, increased production and improved quality
Simplified View of Data and Analysis
Access to and visualization of KPI data is provided through ServicePort Explorer. This easy-to-use interface provides three separate views of the data:
Expert Analysis helps detect potential Problems
To ensure optimal control loop performance, ABB provides periodic performance analyses. ABB experts evaluate control loop response, determine the statistical accuracy of the KPIs and find trends that predict possible irregularities. The resulting performance report identifies actions that will prevent potential problems and improve process availability and asset utilization
Critical Notification when it matters most
To help prioritize issues that require immediate action, site specific rules are applied to targeted KPIs. Any KPI that tracks outside of pre-determined parameters triggers an instant alert by email or text. This quickly notifies users about issues that can compromise system availability, so they can be addressed as soon as they are detected.
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